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A public servant, not a politician.

Donald Hall's Platform for Olive Branch

Keeping Our

City Safe


Recruiting and retaining competent, well-trained police officers and firefighters will be a top priority for my administration.  We will offer competitive salaries, benefit packages, and a career ladder that will allow our officers and firefighters to serve our community most effectively. Additionally, my administration will offer incentives to promote tenure, increase retention, and build engagement among our first responders.


  • Support Police Department and Fire Department. Support our police department and fire department by ensuring that both departments are well-staffed, well-paid, and well-trained.

  • Crime Prevention. Leverage technology to keep our city safe and use data/analytics to allow our police department to be proactive in preventing crime.

  • Community Partnerships. Implement neighborhood safety programs in which officers actively engage in neighborhoods by interacting with community stakeholders, participating in neighborhood association meetings, and engaging in our schools.

  • Recruit New Generation of Police Officers and Firefighters. Offer internships and mentorship programs within the police department and fire department for high school students interested in careers in law enforcement and emergency services.

Enhance Communication with Community. Use technology to enhance the flow of communication between our citizens and first responders.

Economic Growth

and Development

As a banker and small business owner, I have key insight on what small business owners need to be successful in our community and what it takes to attract large businesses with well-paying jobs for our community. 


  • Foster a “Small Business Friendly” Community. Foster a culture for small businesses to thrive by partnering with the Olive Branch Chamber of Commerce to create a CEO roundtable for business leaders in our community. The roundtable will meet on a quarterly basis with city leaders, including myself, to discuss key issues for small business owners such as enhancing small business development and growth.

  • Attract New Businesses. Collaborate with the Desoto County Economic Council to offer attractive relocating packages to businesses with well-paying jobs. We will ensure that any new business we attract primarily employs Olive Branch residents.

  • Provide Resources and Technical Assistance for Small Businesses. Offer resources and technical assistance to small business owners and remove barriers/red tape for business owners to start and be successful. In doing so, we will develop and implement a fair and competitive grant program for small businesses.

Strengthen Bidding Process for City Contracts. Facilitate a fair, transparent, and competitive bidding process for city contracts, in which Olive Branch residents will be prioritized for selection.




Infrastructure is critical to our future. I will work to ensure that our current roads and streets are paved and maintained throughout the city. As we continue to grow as a City, we want to grow responsibly and remain proactive in planning for our future. 


  • Collaborate with Local and State Officials for Road Improvement. Coordinate with the county board of supervisors and state Department of Transportation in conducting road improvement and construction projects.

  • Lower Commute Times.  

  1. Widen Highways. I will work closely with our City Planning Director and City Engineer to study the future needs of our city, ease the current burdens of high traffic and long commute times, and ultimately improve our city streets for future growth and development.

  2. Create Sidewalks and Biking Lanes for Intra-city Travel. I will work to pave new sidewalks and biking lanes throughout the city as an alternative means of transportation for our residents.


Improve System for Citizens to Report Current Road Conditions. Implement a dedicated hotline and utilize social media to allow citizens to report potholes and undesirable road conditions. 

Parks and Recreation

We must ensure that our Parks and Recreation department has the resources it needs for all citizens to be active, engage, and enjoy our beautiful green spaces in Olive Branch. 


  • Establish Youth Programs. Establish youth programs, including sports leagues and other recreational activities, that allow our youngest citizens to grow, learn and develop into productive young men and women.  

  • Create Spaces for Hiking, Biking, and Skating. Olive Branch citizens are active, and my plan is to create spaces for our citizens to remain active and enjoy the beautiful green spaces our city has to offer. 

  • Build a Community/Civic Center. This center would house indoor basketball courts, indoor tennis courts, and A space to host community and private events.

Promote Family-Friendly Community Events. Sponsor more activities and community events for families to enjoy together, including community festivals and celebrations.


Defeating COVID-19

  • Establish a Healthcare Advisory Board. Create a Healthcare Advisory Board of local healthcare officials and stakeholders to assist with vaccine distribution, provide vaccination sites, and provide real-time reporting of COVID-19 data. 

  • Coordinate with the Advisory Board to Defeat COVID-19. Coordinate with the Advisory Board to ensure Olive Branch follows local, state, and federal guidelines in lowering the spread of COVID-19 and making our citizens aware of the healthcare options available to them here in Olive Branch.


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